Can Argentina’s Energy Sector Come Out of Crisis Mode?

The Inter-American Dialogue was kind enough to ask me to answer a question on Argentina for their latest publication. I copy below the question and my response.

About the Author: Carlos St. James is an advisor to energy investors and developers in emerging markets. He co-founded the Argentine Renewable Energies Chamber in 2005; has been a board member of the Latin American & Caribbean Council on Renewable Energy since 2010; founded the Middle East-Americas Energy Council in 2014; and publishes the Latin American Energy Review in his free time. He was recently named Summit Chairman of the upcoming LAC-CORE Finance Summit held at the Ritz Carlton in Miami, Florida this Oct. 3-5.

LAC-CORE Finance SummitHe will also be speaking at the Argentina International Clean Energy Congress in September as well as at the the Chile International Clean Energy Congress Week in mid-October.

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