The case against regional power grid integration in Latin America

Summary: Latin American governments and development banks continue to think in black-and-white 20th century mindsets and thus propose similarly outdated solutions. This includes the largely erroneous idea that international electric grid integration will result in lower energy costs and give access to more people, when in reality there are solutions that are a better fit for the region, more cost-effective, and will better serve us.

Carlos St JamesAbout the AuthorCarlos St. James is an advisor to energy investors and developers in emerging markets. He co-founded the Argentine Renewable Energies Chamber in 2005; has been a board member of the Latin American & Caribbean Council on Renewable Energy since 2010; founded the Middle East-Americas Energy Council in 2014; and publishes the Latin American Energy Review in his free time.
LAC-CORE Finance Summit

 He was recently named Summit Chairman of the upcoming LAC-CORE Finance Summit held at the Ritz Carlton in Miami, Florida this October 3-5, and will also be speaking at renewable energy conferences in Argentina and Chile in the coming months.

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