Why the Latin American renewable energy sector needs to convene

Summary: The Latin American renewable energy sector has developed well in part because of solid institutions and increasing access to transparent information. The next step in its evolution is an annual event where the regional  industry can meet to celebrate its successes, to honor its leaders, and to debate the issues.  That event will take place in Miami this October.

Carlos St JamesAbout the AuthorCarlos St. James is an advisor to energy investors and developers in emerging markets. He co-founded the Argentine Renewable Energies Chamber in 2005; has been a board member of the Latin American & Caribbean Council on Renewable Energy since 2010; founded the Middle East-Americas Energy Council in 2014; and publishes the Latin American Energy Review in his free time. LAC-CORE Finance Summit

 He was recently named Summit Chairman of the upcoming LAC-CORE Finance Summit held at the Ritz Carlton in Miami, Florida this October 3-5.

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Natural Gas Policy in Puerto Rico

A brief summary of Puerto Rico’s energy sourcing past, coupled with an outline of how recent island administrations have come to the conclusion that liquid natural gas (LNG) – provided primarily from the United States – is likely to provide the most cost-effective solutions providing for continued economic growth for the Commonwealth.

Fernando Pena
Fernando Peña

Invited Contributors: Fernando Peña and Colleen Newman co-authored this piece exclusively for The Review. Fernando serves as an attorney for the Office of International Trade, U.S. Customs and Border Protection, and its predecessor agency in the U.S. Treasury. Colleen served as the energy advisor to Puerto Rico Governor Luis Fortuño in his Washington office.

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