Natural Gas Policy in Puerto Rico

A brief summary of Puerto Rico’s energy sourcing past, coupled with an outline of how recent island administrations have come to the conclusion that liquid natural gas (LNG) – provided primarily from the United States – is likely to provide the most cost-effective solutions providing for continued economic growth for the Commonwealth.

Fernando Pena
Fernando Peña

Invited Contributors: Fernando Peña and Colleen Newman co-authored this piece exclusively for The Review. Fernando serves as an attorney for the Office of International Trade, U.S. Customs and Border Protection, and its predecessor agency in the U.S. Treasury. Colleen served as the energy advisor to Puerto Rico Governor Luis Fortuño in his Washington office.

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Mexico’s Energy Model

Summary: Analyzing the Mexican energy sector without looking at our country’s modern history might lead to erroneous conclusions regarding the bases on which it is designed.

Jordy Herrera Flores
Jordy Herrera

Invited Contributor: Jordy Herrera Flores authored this piece exclusively for The Review.  Jordy was Secretary of Energy of Mexico under President Calderon, and one of the intellectual authors of the energy reforms now taking place.

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