Chile’s creativity comes to the fore in its 2017 energy auctions

Summary: Chile’s energy sector continues its positive evolution. The upcoming auctions have a number of creative features that allow renewable energy technologies to maximize their potential while minimizing the drawback that is their intermittency. New record low prices are likely to be seen — although there is one glaring risk that could harm progress.

About the publisherCarlos St. James is a leading advisor to energy investors, bankers and developers in emerging markets at Wood Group. He is also a board member of the Latin American & Caribbean Council on Renewable Energy (LAC-CORE) and publishes the Latin American Energy Review to help generate debate on the industry’s issues.

He will next be speaking at the 8th Annual World Infrastructure & Energy Summit in Barcelona on September 27 on Managing Latin America’s renewable energy targets set out by the Paris Agreement and its implications for clean energy investment.

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