The Outlook for Renewable Energy in Latin America: A Banker’s View

Taking the long view, this article makes the case that the renewable energy industry is one third of the way into a century long success story. Latin America has all the requisite stakeholders in place: financial institutions, technology providers, and certainly an abundance of natural resources. Ultimate success depends on global priorities: the winning energy sources will be the ones that meet humanity’s goals best. If the goal is lowest-cost energy, then fossil fuels will win – until it runs out. If the goal is low cost and least pollution, then natural gas and renewables will win. If the goal is least impact on global warming, then nuclear power and renewable energy will win.

Michael Eckhart
Mike Eckhart

Invited Contributor: Michael Eckhart authored this piece exclusively for The Review. He is Managing Director and Global Head of Environmental Finance and Sustainability for Citigroup in New York City.

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