About the publisher

Thanks for looking me up.  I’m the founder and publisher of The Latin American and Caribbean Energy Review, aka The Review.

If for some odd reason you want the long version of my bio, you can get it on this wikipedia page; but below is a professional summary normally used for speaking engagements and such.

Carlos St James

As one of the leading voices of the energy industry in emerging markets, Carlos St. James has his finger on the pulse of the industry like few individuals. He is in regular contact with emerging market government officials, private sector industry leaders and visionaries from all walks of life with whom he shares ideas and from whom he gets inspiration.

He has worked tirelessly and with great passion to help establish solid foundations for the clean energy industry.  Upon seeing the potential in his adopted country, he co-founded the Argentine Renewable Energies Chamber in Buenos Aires, serving as President in its formative years; as early board member and first President of the Latin American & Caribbean Council on Renewable Energy in Washington.  In recent years he saw the need to begin to build investment bridges between the GCC and Latin America and founded the Middle East-Americas Energy Council in Doha, where he is currently chairman of the board.

His private sector background has been focused primarily on finance and bringing together stakeholders so that deals get done.  He advises governments on renewable energy policy, counsels private equity firms seeking to enter the region; and brings together stakeholders, including investors, for new energy projects.

He obtained his undergraduate degree in international economics from DePaul University and his masters in international relations from the Fletcher School at Tufts University.

Carlos St.James
Carlos St James 2015